Thursday, November 26, 2020


  1. “The good thing is when you are a _____ manager in a club, you can make different steps and you can always learn from the last season and that’s what we always did.”
  2. “After the Champions League finals, after the first one, after the second one, we said: this is not the final _____ for this team, there are a lot more to
  3. “You know, when people talk about _____ _____, it’s not true that he was a human being! He built that club from the ground and that’s an achievement. The club has now reached a size and a status where things like that will never happen again– but without him this club wouldn’t be the same.”
  4. “Now we won something [the Champions League] and we will carry on. We want to win things, 100 per cent. I’ve said it, this is only the ____ for this group. It’s still a wonderful age-group, they all have the best times in their careers ahead of them.”
  5. “I’ve always said football is the most important of the_____ _____ things.”